What is a fragmented file what does it mean?

Answer It's a file on your computer too big to store in the place on the hard drive where it was originally created. So it gets cut up and spread out into various places. Naturally, it will take your driv... Read More »

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What Are the Advantages of Fragmented States?

A fragmented state is a state with two or more discontinuous geographic areas. For example, Indonesia is a fragmented state because it consists of several thousand islands. Hawaii is fragmented bec... Read More »

How to Fix Fragmented Outlook Files?

Microsoft Windows 7 includes a built-in disk defragmentation utility that allows you to repair fragmented files on your computer. The files created by you and those created by the different process... Read More »

How to Remove Fragmented "World of Warcraft" Files?

Whenever you install or delete software on your computer, fragmented files are created. Fragmented files spread out on a computer's hard drive, making them harder for your computer to access when n... Read More »

My Samsung S3 message ring tone sounds fragmented/broken when I get a text - any ideas?

Change the Tone/TuneEnough on how too on Youtube :)Could possibly be a faulty Speaker ( unless its the only thing it does sound faulty on )