What does formatting your memory card do?

Answer Essentially, formatting a memory card will erase the images and make sure that the card will work correctly with the camera. "Formatting a card basically insures that it is going to work right wit... Read More »

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Sandisk 4gb memory card formatting problem?

Hi,Try this software when you have inserted memory card to your computer.…It should allow you to select your Memory card also when you select the drive, it... Read More »

My memory card automatically erased images on memory card! How will i get it And i want memory card recovery?

Give this a try - As long as you haven't ntook any more pictures , you stand a good chance in recovering everything. I've just done a recover with this - Copy and Paste it. - Read More »

Forgot samsung e2652 memory card passord .unable to open any memory card?

First of all, are you using the memory card with a mobile phone or a camera? I believe it must be a camera because I haven't come across any mobile phones using the same, they usually have micro SD... Read More »

What is the difference between a sd memory card and shdc memory card and mmc memory card?

SD and SDHC fit in the same slot, but aren't necessarily interchangeable. A device or reader that can handle SDHC (SD high capacity) should read an SD card with no problem. But a device designed to... Read More »