What does forensic science mean?

Answer Forensic science is the study of evidence that may pertain to criminal activity. It requires the collection of evidence from victims, vehicles and crime scenes. The collected evidence is then analy... Read More »

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High School Science Fair Projects Involving Forensic Science?

In forensic science, high school students learn the elements of a criminal investigation and how the science is applied in court. Science projects about forensic science hold many possibilities. St... Read More »

Who was first to use forensic science?

It was a Roman attorney named Quintilian who around 1,000 A.D. argued successful that bloody palm prints were used to frame a blind man for the murder of his mother, according to the University of ... Read More »

When was forensic science first used?

The first documented use of forensic science was in 1248. A Chinese book "Xi Yuan Ji Lu" or "Collected Cases of Injustice Rectified," contained descriptions of how to distinguish a death due to dro... Read More »

How Is Gel Electrophoresis Used in Forensic Science?

Gel electrophoresis is a method to separate and view macromolecules (large molecules, such as DNA, RNA and proteins). Gel electrophoresis used in forensic science is a way to analyze DNA. Because t... Read More »