What does forensic science mean?

Answer Forensic science is the study of evidence that may pertain to criminal activity. It requires the collection of evidence from victims, vehicles and crime scenes. The collected evidence is then analy... Read More »

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What does carving mean in forensic investigation?

Forensic file carving refers to the practice of searching for and recovering computer data. Carving software is used to recover corrupted data from damaged hardware, to restore files that appear to... Read More »

What does a forensic document examiner do?

According to the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners, forensic document examiners analyze documents such as medical records, wills, loan agreements, contracts and anonymous letters. They ... Read More »

What equipment does a forensic biologist use?

A forensic biologist uses a wide range of equipment including a computer, photography equipment, a microscope and machines to perform immunologic or biochemical tests. Equipment a forensic biologis... Read More »

What degree does forensic photography require?

Forensic photography is a highly competitive field that does not always require a degree. The forensic photographer must become certified, however. The certification requirements are 40 hours of cl... Read More »