What does student loan forbearance mean?

Answer Student loan forbearance is an option for people with financial difficulties. Student loan payments are temporarily halted or reduced, though interest that you must repay still accrues. Student loa... Read More »

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Does a Forbearance Student Loan Affect Getting a Mortgage?

Student loans are a necessary evil for many college students. The long life of these loans can affect students into middle-age and may play a role in determining eligibility for large purchases lik... Read More »

What is a mortgage forbearance?

Mortgage forbearance is a situation where you and your lender agreement to some terms designed to help you avoid foreclosure. To qualify for forbearance, you must be facing some type of short-term ... Read More »

What is a forbearance mortgage?

A forbearance mortgage--or, as many institutions call it, a mortgage forbearance--is an agreement in which your lender agrees to let you postpone mortgage payments. It's an alternative to foreclosu... Read More »

What consideration is given for a forbearance agreement?

Consideration given by a borrower to a lender can vary in a mortgage forbearance agreement. A forbearance fee paid by the borrower is consideration, as is an agreement not to file bankruptcy on the... Read More »