What is a forbearance mortgage?

Answer A forbearance mortgage--or, as many institutions call it, a mortgage forbearance--is an agreement in which your lender agrees to let you postpone mortgage payments. It's an alternative to foreclosu... Read More »

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What is a mortgage forbearance?

Mortgage forbearance is a situation where you and your lender agreement to some terms designed to help you avoid foreclosure. To qualify for forbearance, you must be facing some type of short-term ... Read More »

How to Negotiate Mortgage Forbearance?

Millions of homeowners are behind in their mortgage payments. Figuring out how to get caught up is a difficult task and requires the assistance of your lender. The solution may be a repayment plan ... Read More »

Hardship Forbearance Reasons?

If you get behind on your credit card or other loan payments, the lender will start the collection process. This could include obtaining a judgment against you and severely damaging your credit sco... Read More »

What consideration is given for a forbearance agreement?

Consideration given by a borrower to a lender can vary in a mortgage forbearance agreement. A forbearance fee paid by the borrower is consideration, as is an agreement not to file bankruptcy on the... Read More »