What does FM stand for on the radio?

Answer The abbreviation FM stands for frequency modulation. Frequency modulation is resilient to both signal-level variations and interference, making it ideal for high-quality radio broadcasts and two-wa... Read More »

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What does XM Radio stand for?

In radio terms, XM stands for no modulation, whereas AM stands for amplitude modulation and FM stands for frequency modulation. XM radio programs are digitized and compressed before being transmitt... Read More »

What does FM stand for on a radio?

In broadcasting, FM stands for "frequency modulation." The other type of modulation commonly used in radio is AM, or "amplitude modulation." FM tends to produce a clearer signal with less interfere... Read More »

What does FM stand for in radio?

The letters FM in regards to radio broadcasting mean "frequency modulation". This method of static-free broadcasting was first patented by inventor and radio pioneer Edwin H. Armstrong in the 1930s... Read More »

What does aaa stand for in radio?

AAA stands for Adult Album Alternative. These stations play music geared toward adults. It is a mixture of soft rock and classic rock with some country and blues. These stations avoid playing hard ... Read More »