What does flutter mean?

Answer slight fetus movements. Kind of like butterflies

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How to Rig a Flutter Hook?

A flutter hook, or weighted hook, is often used to provide unique action to soft-plastic baits. A long, thin weight that is molded on the shank of the hook by the manufacturer provides the action. ... Read More »

Heart Flutter?

A heart flutter, or arrhythmia, can be worrying, but it often happens when there is no other sign of heart disorder. It is quite common in older people. Symptoms can include heart palpitations, diz... Read More »

How to Flutter Kick?

Flutter kicking or freestyle kicking is the most basic of all kicks. It is also the foundation for many strokes.

Heart Flutter Due to Anxiety?

You got to consult your doctor, as he can put you on anti anxiolytic and anti deprresent is the only solution.