What does "flushing to disk" for utorrent mean?

Answer Writing a buffer to disk is called buffer flushing. When a user thread modifies data in a buffer, it marks the buffer as dirty. When the database server flushes the buffer to disk, it subsequently ... Read More »

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What does ''checked'' mean on utorrent?

uTorrent checks for the files on your hard drive for seeding purposes. Torrents have a P2P system where everyone must transfer the files to everyone else. That means that once your file(s) have fin... Read More »

What does"no disk"mean?

"No disk" is a computer error message that appears when a disk required by a program to run is missing from the drive. This message can also appear if a removable drive is missing from its slot.Ref... Read More »

What Do Red Files Mean in UTorrent?

UTorrent is a small, easy-to-use BitTorrent client that allows you to download and upload torrent to your computer. The UTorrent client interface is designed to be easy to read and allows you to ch... Read More »

What does disk mode on an iPod mean?

An iPod is a hard drive with disk space. Disk mode is an iPod state that allows users to plug the device into the computer and view non-media files on the iPod or copy non-media files or documents ... Read More »