What does fluid around the heart of fetus a sign of?

Answer noSometimes it can be. See link below.

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What Are the Functions of the Serous Fluid Around the Heart?

Serous fluid is a layer of liquid surrounding the heart that has an important role in the protection and function of the heart. The fluid is formed by a serous membrane (a thin layer of tissue whic... Read More »

At what point does a fetus have a heart?

In the development of a human fetus, the heart is fully formed and begins to beat at around 22 days after conception. It cannot yet be heard beating at that point, but it can be seen as a small fli... Read More »

When does a fetus have a functioning heart?

In normal fetal development, the heart and circulatory system begin forming during the first four weeks after conception. During week five, the fetus's heart is developed and functional enough to b... Read More »

What does fluid around the knee mean?

An accumulation of fluid around the knee joint causes swelling and discomfort. There is a small amount of fluid around every joint in the body for lubrication, but when it becomes excessive, it can... Read More »