What does CB mean on a floor plan?

Answer Most often it stands for catch basin. However, its important to look at the legend to assure this term is not used for some thing else

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What does MR mean on a floor plan?

If it's a bedroom or bathroom, it stands for "Master." If it's a small room off of the kitchen or garage area, it means "mud room."

What does burnishing a hardwood floor mean?

Burnishing is a method of waxing dulled hardwood floors to a very glossy finish. It uses a high-speed rotary machine and burnishing chemicals to buff and restore the surface of the wood until it sh... Read More »

What does a S in a circle mean in architectural floor plans?

The uppercase "S" enclosed in a circle symbolizes a pull switch. Unshaded circles denote wall bracket switches, while shaded circles indicate the use of ceiling-mounted pull switches. This is a sym... Read More »

What does the term sweat-in time mean for floor coatings?

Sweat-in time, which is also called induction time, is the amount of time which must elapse after mixing a product which contains two or more components. This gives the chemicals enough time to rea... Read More »