Why does my cursor sometimes start to float away from what I'm trying to click on?

Answer Do you have an optical mouse (little red light underneath)? If so, it is probably the surface that you are 'mousing' on. Sometimes, with a oddly patterned surface, such as a wooden desk, the grain ... Read More »

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Does Pumice Float?

Pumice is a volcanic rock with air pockets, formed when gas is whipped through molten volcanic ash. Whether pumice floats is dependent on its density versus the number of air pockets in the partic... Read More »

Does styrofoam float?

Styrofoam was originally developed by Dow Chemical Co. as an means of thermal insulation for various liquids. It is a foam that resists moisture and therefore floats when placed in liquid.Source:U... Read More »

Does pumice float in water?

Since pumice has a density of 0.2 grams per meter cubed, it does float, because water's density is higher, at one gram per meter cubed. This stands true only for pumice that has been cooled. Hot pu... Read More »

Does nylon rope float?

Nylon rope is highly water resistant, but on its own is heavier than water and so it does not float. Because of this and its high tensile strength, it is commonly used in marine applications as an... Read More »