What does flash storage mean on a ipad?

Answer It means internal storage. Ipads comes with either, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of internal storage, about 2GB of that is used for the ipads firmware and the rest of for your own data.

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How much storage is on a 2 gb flash drive?

Memory storage can be calculated at the byte level. Every 1024 bytes is equivalent to 1 kilobyte. Then 1024 KB is the same as 1 megabyte. After that, 1024 MB is equal to 1 gigabyte. So 2GB of flash... Read More »

What Is Flash Drive Storage?

Most PCs store information on hard drives that contain spinning platters. While this storage medium can handle large amounts of data, the moving parts increase the chances of breakdowns. Flash dri... Read More »

Is there an app which adds more storage to your iPad 2?

Such an Application would be Impossible! The memory of the iPad is segmented, so that even an app could compress memory, it could only compress the memory inside the area of its own app. It cannot... Read More »

Which storage do u prefer for personal use (flash drive, floppy, cd, dvd) why?

CD's or DVD's are the best I think. DVD's will hold more data then a CD.