What does flagged mean on an email?

Answer Think of a flag on an email message as a reminder to follow up on the email. You can sort your emails so that all flagged messages appear at the top of the list, giving you a quick and easy "to-do ... Read More »

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What does cc mean in an email?

When you type an email address in the CC field of an email, you send a copy of the email you're writing to that person. CC stands for carbon copy, a holdover from the days when copies of letters we... Read More »

What does"vr"mean in an email?

The abbreviation "vr" stands for the phrase "very respectfully." It is often used at the end of an email or a letter just as the phrase "sincerely" would be used. This is a common practice of indiv... Read More »

What does the"e"in"email"mean?

The "e" in the word "e-mail" stands for electronic. E-mail is electronic messages sent from computer to computer via a network. Each user has a unique e-mail address used specifically for communica... Read More »

What does Cc mean on an email?

Carbon copy.It sends a duplicate to whatever address you put in there, and..BCC is blind carbon copy, meaning none of your other mail recipients will see the addresses you put in there ..