What does firewire means?

Answer A type of computer data transfer port, created by Apple:…

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At what speed does FireWire transfer data?

Firewire is Apple Computers name for an IEEE 1394 interface, which is the serial bus interface standard for high speed connections. Apple invented this type of connection as an alternative to USB i... Read More »

Is there firewire 2 USB cable I got a webcam that can be cnncted to PC by firewire but PC dsnt has that port?

There's NONE! Only way is Either you get a pci or Ext capture card with firewire ports or other external device (which is more expensive) like a camcorder with usb(with pass through capability).Bes... Read More »

What does Slr means?

SLR stands for single lens reflex. This is the type of camera in which the image goes into the lens and is reflected by a mirror into your eye at the viewfinder. You therefore see exactly what the ... Read More »

What does CIA and FBI means?

FBI means Federal Bureau of Investigation and CIA means Central Intelligence Agency!