What does a red carnation symbolize?

Answer Dark red carnations symbolize desire, affection and deep abiding love. Light red carnations symbolize respect and admiration. Carnations are one of the official Mother’s Day flowers. A bouquet of... Read More »

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What does a poinsettia symbolize?

What does a zebra symbolize?

Shamanism considers the zebra a power animal, symbolizing balance, the ability to see in black and white and maintenance of individuality within the herd. To dream of a zebra, according to the Drea... Read More »

What does the ace of clubs symbolize?

Different playing cards symbolize different things. The ace of clubs symbolizes an offer of a beneficial promotion. The ace of clubs can also be interpreted in a more spiritual sense as the energy ... Read More »

What does the red dragon symbolize?

The Welsh Red Dragon symbolizes Wales. The red dragon is shown on a green and white background. There are several variations of the red dragon symbol. There are different legends regarding its orig... Read More »