What does the financial term bps mean?

Answer According to The Free Dictionary, bps means basis points in the financial world. A bps is a unit that equals a hundredth of one percent and typically shows a change in a financial instrument such a... Read More »

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What does financial aid mean to a student?

Financial aid allows students to cover the costs of college tuition, books, board and sometimes living expenses. Types of aid available for students include loans, grants, work-study and scholarshi... Read More »

What does mrq mean on a financial statement?

On financial statements, MRQ stands for Most Recent Quarter. Entries that note MRQ refer to the previous quarter. Alternate notations refer to other periods. For instance, TTM refers to the previou... Read More »

What does ttm mean on a financial statement?

The financial abbreviation "TTM" stands for a period known as "trailing twelve months." Trailing twelve months is the last 12 calendar months, used to compare financial reports for companies with d... Read More »

What does SGA mean on a financial statement?

SGA, most commonly shown as SG&A, on a financial statement refers to the total of all sales, general and administrative expenses. SG&A gets reported on a company's income statement and is typically... Read More »