What does filing child care on your taxes do for you?

Answer The IRS allows a child care tax credit for working parents or legal guardians. To claim the credit, you must file using form 1040, 1040A or 1040NR and identify the care provider on your tax return,... Read More »

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Does Filing Your Taxes Electronically Increase Your Chances of an IRS Audit?

The Internal Revenue Service may have an ulterior motive to promoting electronic tax filing: Electronic filing makes it easier for the IRS to audit your return. As of May 2011, nobody knows the rea... Read More »

How does your filing status affect the amount of taxes you will pay?

Your filing status may raise or lower the amount of taxes you will pay because it changes the size of your standard deduction, determines which income tax brackets you use and determines you eligib... Read More »

Can a child born before filing taxes be claimed?

A child must have been born during the tax year to qualify as a dependent on that year's tax return. A child born on or before December 31, 2009, may be claimed as a dependent on your 2009 tax retu... Read More »

Who Gets the Child Credit When Filing an Injured Spouse for Taxes?

An injured spouse allocation form is a form the IRS uses to calculate your tax credits based on your individual income. This is done if your joint income tax refund is subject to garnishment and on... Read More »