What is a carbon filament light bulb?

Answer In its simplest terms, carbon filament light bulbs are light bulbs powered by an organic fiber. The carbon filament light bulb was originally developed by Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison.The FirstSwa... Read More »

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How to Photograph a Light Bulb Filament?

It is impossible to photograph light bulb filament when it is either off or on. In the first case the filament will be invisible, and in the second case your camera's matrix will be over-saturated,... Read More »

What is the filament in light bulbs made of?

Tungsten is the element used to make light bulb filaments. This element is used because its extremely high melting point allows it to reach a temperature high enough to emit light without disintegr... Read More »

What element is used as the filament in light bulbs?

Today's light bulb filaments are made from tungsten. Since tungsten has the highest melting point of any metallic element, it can withstand the high heat inside a light bulb. Early filaments were m... Read More »

What material is used as the filament in incandescent light bulbs?

Modern incandescent light bulbs use tungsten wire as the material for the filament. This is because a tungsten filament has a melting point around 3400 degrees Celsius, well above the temperature n... Read More »