Does fido sell 2G or iPhone 3G?

Answer yes it can. You can hack it to unlock it, or else in some country you can unlock it legally. For example in france.

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How much does the iphone 4g cost with fido?

If the iPhone is factory unlocked,yes u can use it If not,nope U have to jailbrake it and unlock it. Still no unlock for the 4-th iPhone Maybe the next week it's gonna to be a release

How much is 1mb of internet use on fido WITHOUT a dataplan and does every download off a jailbroken iPhone with 3g or edge go under sent or received data?

the iphone is cheaper then the ipod because you are paying a monthly fee on the phone and a one time for the touch

How to Unlock a Fido Phone?

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How to Set Up Fido Mobile Internet?

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