What does abridged fiction mean?

Answer To abridge is to shorten without sacrificing overall sense, according to Merriam-Webster. In literary terms, an abridged book is one that has been condensed, but is relatively the same in content.R... Read More »

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What is fiction film mean?

AR 600-20, Army Command Policy. Chapter 8 of this regulation is entitled: Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program.

Is historical fiction the same thing as realistic fiction?

No, because realistic fiction is something that is like a mirror to reality which as, the historical fiction uses the past to make it basedon that genre.

How to Teach About Connections With Fiction & Non-Fiction?

An effective study of literature establishes connections between the text, the reader and the reader's world. To connect with a text is to actively and critically engage with it to enhance comprehe... Read More »

Difference Between Non-fiction & Fiction Books?

In writing, the piece is either fiction or non-fiction. It may be completely fiction, completely non-fiction or a mix of both, with some of the story being true with bits of fiction thrown in to in... Read More »