What does expected weekly earnings mean?

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What is the expected weekly pay for a hostess at Uno's?

Unless you have a ton of experience, generally you'd get minimum wage, and if they share tips, a portion of the tips.So $7,50 x 40 minus social security, medicare and state and national tax. ( unle... Read More »

Can completing an associate degree boost your average weekly earnings?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers with an associate degree enjoy higher earnings than those with a high school education. A 2001 study showed workers with an associate degree ear... Read More »

What does bi weekly pay mean?

"Biweekly" refers to something that occurs once every two weeks. Therefore, if you are scheduled to receive biweekly paychecks, you will get paid every other week, and receive 26 paychecks over the... Read More »

What does the term quality of earnings mean?

Quality of earnings refers to whether or not a company's earnings are attributable to their efforts, either by increasing sales or decreasing costs, as opposed to how much can be attributed to exte... Read More »