When was London the first city to exceed a population of 1,000,000?

Answer In 1760, London had about 750,000 residents. The first reliable modern census was undertaken in 1801, citing the total population as 1,096,784. By 1815 the population had risen to 1.4 million, maki... Read More »

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1997 L300 Exceed Specs?

The Mitsubishi L300, also known as the Mitsubishi Delicia and the Mitsubishi Van, is a Multi-Purpose Van (MPV) that has been manufactured since 1968 and continues to be manufactured as of 2010. The... Read More »

How much do I need to itemize to exceed the standard deduction?

How much you need to itemize to exceed the standard deduction depends on your demographic. In 2010, single payers received a standard deduction of $5,700, but this doubles for married filers, accor... Read More »

Why do you have to take contact lenses out after so many hours, what happens if you exceed the time?

When you first get contact lenses, it can take a while to get used to them. One of the reasons you are advised to wear them for a short time is that your eyes may get dry. Don't panic too much. ... Read More »

Why can cars exceed the maximum speed limit?

The extra power is there for climbing hills, mountain roads, and pulling trailers etc etc, NOT for speeding.