What does ex dividend mean?

Answer Ex-dividend is a financial term pertaining to stocks that pay a dividend to shareholders. Shares purchased after a certain date are not entitled to receive dividends for the current earnings period... Read More »

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Does high dividend yield predict lower dividend growth?

On One Hand: High yield generally indicates low growthYes, a high dividend yield generally indicates low dividend growth, according to John P. Hussman of Hussman Funds. A dividend yield compares th... Read More »

Why would a company issue a stock dividend instead of a cash dividend?

Cash dividends are the most common form of dividends. However, there may be certain circumstances in which a company will issue stock dividends.ConsiderationsDividend payout varies from industry to... Read More »

Which is better: a stock dividend or a cash dividend?

On One Hand: Cash DividendsCash dividends are payments made to shareholders of company stock. They usually are regularly scheduled payments---often quarterly---paid on a per-share basis from retain... Read More »

What is a dividend tax?

Dividend payments are a method that companies use to share profits with stockholders and reward investment. However, taxpayers should be aware that this is a form of income and may be taxed by the ... Read More »