What does ex dividend mean?

Answer Ex-dividend is a financial term pertaining to stocks that pay a dividend to shareholders. Shares purchased after a certain date are not entitled to receive dividends for the current earnings period... Read More »

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What Does an Ex-Dividend Mean?

Stock investors can earn money from the price appreciation of stock shares and also from dividends paid by stock. Stocks that pay regular dividends typically make a payout to shareholders four time... Read More »

What does dividend mean in math?

The dividend in math is that number that is going to be divided. For example, if you are going to divide the number eight by two, the number eight would be the dividend.Source:I Coach Math: Math Di... Read More »

Does high dividend yield predict lower dividend growth?

On One Hand: High yield generally indicates low growthYes, a high dividend yield generally indicates low dividend growth, according to John P. Hussman of Hussman Funds. A dividend yield compares th... Read More »

Why would a company issue a stock dividend instead of a cash dividend?

Cash dividends are the most common form of dividends. However, there may be certain circumstances in which a company will issue stock dividends.ConsiderationsDividend payout varies from industry to... Read More »