What does everyone prefer coffee or tea?


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Tea or coffee which do you prefer?

I can't drink either, I'm allergic to both. However, I do love the smell of coffee more than tea.

Which do you prefer better Coffee Or tea?

I like both - but prefer different ones on different occasions - and organic when available.I like to have a strong organic coffee in the morning. I often drink coffee at work, and sometimes decaf... Read More »

What would you prefer -Tea or Coffee ?

Tea - Green tea, Oolong Tea, various Chinese teas are all excellent and some are with and without caffeine for those who want the caffeine in their drink. Also, it does not give you "coffee breath"... Read More »

Do you prefer Tea or Coffee?

Cawfee. Lots of cream, and one sugar. Starbucks preferred because yes, I am an admitted coffee snob.