What if your name was supposed to be put on a quit claim deed as a joint heir but the other heir put his name on it with etal after his name only without your name?

Answer unlocked only means it can be activated on any service, not that the phone is any better, when the iphone came out it was only available on one service, unlocked means you can activate it on any se... Read More »

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What does esquire mean?

The word esquire has several different meanings. Most often in the United States, esquire refers to an attorney and is abbreviated after his or her name as "Esq." In England, the term refers to a m... Read More »

If you had to name your child after a country, what would you name them?

Boy:1. Albion - Romantic name for England2. Albany - Another name for Scotland3. IsraelGirl:1. Éire - Ireland2. Ellada -- Greece3. India

If you had light brown discharge after sex a week after your period what does it mean?

Answer you might have an infection, probably no big deal, but you should go to the doctor and get it checked out.

What is needed to change your name after marriage?

The marriage certificate signed by the member of the clergy or judge that performed the ceremony serves as a recognized legal document that the marriage has occurred. Show the marriage certificate,... Read More »