What does sr mean after a name?

Answer It means that they have named their child after them. For example If John Smith named his son John, he would now be called John Smith Sr. and his son would be named John Smith Jr. Sr. stands for se... Read More »

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What does CIA after a name mean?

Probably that the person went to the Culinary Institute of America. This means he's a great chef. CIA officers wouldn't put that behind their names.

What does PC mean after a business name?

The designation "PC" means professional corporation. This type of company is established for professions requiring special certification such as medicine, brokerage and the law. Although state laws... Read More »

What does LP mean after company name?

The suffix is LLP, and it stands for Limited Liability Partnership. It is a corporate structure designed to provide the protection of a "C" corporation with the tax benefits of a "Subchapter S" cor... Read More »

What does dmd after a dentist name mean?

DDS and DMD refer to Doctor of Dental Surgery and Doctor of Dental Medicine respectively. Its the same