What does error 45 mean on a DVD recorder?

Answer Error 45 on a DVD recorder means that a device that was previously attached to the DVD recorder is no longer there. If you plug the missing device in, the code will go away. It will also disappear ... Read More »

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What does"upconversion"mean on a DVD recorder?

Upconversion DVD recorders have the ability to convert standard low-resolution images to high-definition (HD) images by converting a small number of pixels into a much larger number. An upconversio... Read More »

What does bias mean on a cassette recorder?

Bias refers to an adjusted frequency signal for obtaining the best recording characteristics on a cassette tape. A properly adjusted bias will prevent bass distortion and drop-offs in high frequenc... Read More »

Mp3 says it has a "YouTube Ready Video Recorder" What does that mean?

Sounds like your player has a camera and a built in option to upload a video into youtube more easliy (like with using WiFi, or connecting it to a camputer and using it like a webcam).

What does a dns error mean?

A DNS error means your Web browser is having trouble reaching a DNS server and cannot correctly interpret Web addresses and correctly load websites.DNS ServersDNS (domain name system) servers are c... Read More »