What's the funniest Epic Fail picture you know of?

Answer This isn't an epic fail, and it's not even that funny, but it makes me laugh, so whatever.……Me: Your argument isn... Read More »

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What does long dst-fail mean?

“Long–dst fail” means that the longer version of the diagnostic self-test that your computer ran on your hard drive failed. A “fail” test result from the long drive self test usually indi... Read More »

What is mean that DNS fail on mobile net?

DNS actually stands for Domain Name System and is responsible for translating a websites host name such as to it's corresponding IP address. The reason this is so important is because... Read More »

What type on messaging does the samsung epic sprint have?

google Google created the Android platform and it is (OSS) open source software so technically we all own it.

What does the Epic of Gilgamesh tell us about the culture from which it emerged?

Mr. Rochester's first name is Edward, hence his full name is Edward Rochester.