What does mp stand for in music?

Answer In sheet music, dynamics can be indicated with initials based on Italian words for "soft" and "loud." Mezzo piano, which is Italian for "moderately soft," is indicated as "mp" underneath the staff.... Read More »

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What does lp stand for in music?

In music, the abbreviation "LP" stands for long-playing or long player. It is a short name for the long-playing phonograph record. When shopping in a music store, the LPs are the full-size, album-l... Read More »

What does music group P.O.D. stand for?

Much speculation has surrounded the meaning of the band that is named P.O.D. The band's web address is Therefore, despite the controversy, it appears that P.O.D. stands for paya... Read More »

What does D.S. stand for in sheet music?

D.S. in sheet music stands for dal segno, which means "from the sign" in Italian. A musician who sees "D.S." in front of the dal segno symbol is being instructed to repeat the music from where the ... Read More »

What does a&r stand for in the music industry?

A&R stands for "artist and repertoire." Employees in that department of a music label scout for new singers and bands, and then select the music that should be included in recordings.Source:The Fre... Read More »