What does enuresis imply in childhood?

Answer Enuresis is a cndition whereby a child who is usually toilet trained will urinate while sleeping and be totally unaware of it. Medical intervention is needed to rectify the problem. You have wet yo... Read More »

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What Is the Meaning of Enuresis?

Enuresis is the embarrassing condition more commonly known as bed-wetting. Enuresis can occur in children up to age 5 and sometimes even older. Most children will outgrow bed-wetting on their own w... Read More »

How to Track Enuresis & Encopresis?

Enuresis (bed-wetting) is an inability to control urination in children. Encopresis is involuntary fecal soiling by an individual who has already been toilet trained. The age at which children deve... Read More »

Can chiropractic care cure enuresis?

On One Hand: Chiropractic Care not Generally RecommendedChiropractic care is not one of the generally recommended treatments for enuresis (involuntary urination or bed-wetting). Accepted treatments... Read More »