Can a Endoscopy be done under the NHS?

Answer Hi,I visited the doctor Friday 5th April at Gateshead UK. Within 1 week I had an appointment in the post, my endoscopy was today, 18th April. This was all on the NHS. Not sure if you want to kno... Read More »

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Should he really get an endoscopy?

The recommendation is part of the usual and expected workup to determine exactly what's going on. Although it won't change GERD, it can detect other problems like erosion of the esophagus. An end... Read More »

Endoscopy results what do they mean?

First finding - diffuse mildly erythema mucosa - mildy inflamed stomach lining in much of the stomach. This can occur from any number of things such as: anxiety, medications, alcohol, bacterial o... Read More »

How long does a colonoscopy&endoscopy take?

An endoscopy, a procedure used in examining an individual suffering from acid reflux, generally lasts about 15 to 30 minutes. A colonoscopy takes a bit longer, running roughly 30 minutes to an hour... Read More »

Endoscopy with general anesthesia?

It's not your fault. That type of sedation is crap, to be honest. An anesthesiologist can get you very comfortable, using drugs that are much better. They are not safe in the hands of doctors an... Read More »