What does electronic yield mean?

Answer Electronic yield refers to the amount of cells that can be measured in flow cytometry. Flow cytometry is a technique used to count and examine cells for the purpose of research or clinical diagnosi... Read More »

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What does yield at 5% mean?

Yield indicates the annual rate of return on an investment represented as a percentage. A dividend is a yield represented as a dollar amount. For example, if stock ABC offers a 5 percent yield and ... Read More »

What does torque to yield mean?

Torque to yield, sometimes called yield controlled tightening or joint controlled tightening, is a way of tightening a fastener using special equipment. According to Bolt Science, "the equipment m... Read More »

What does"actual yield"mean?

Most often used in chemistry, "actual yield" refers to the amount of product gained from a specific chemical reaction or experiment. The term "theoretical yield" refers to the hypothesized amount o... Read More »

What does the math word yield mean?

The mathematical term yield is usually used in relation to investments and finance. It is defined as the annual rate of return on an investment expressed as a percentage. For example, a $100 invest... Read More »