How does a electron microscope work?

Answer The scanning electron microscope (SEM) uses a beam of electrons (subatomic particles) to examine tiny specimens. The SEM has a large depth of field, allowing most of the specimen to be in focus at ... Read More »

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How does the electron microscope work?

Electron microscopes can be used to see objects too small for "normal" microscopes. Electron beams can be focused on areas smaller than a nanometer, or one billionth of a millimeter. SEMs and TEMs ... Read More »

Does an electron microscope invert the image?

An electron microscope (EM) does not invert images. According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln website, an EM uses electron beams to view an image similar to how an optical microscope function... Read More »

Does NADH act as an electron shuttle for cellular respiration?

An electron shuttle is an agent that accepts electrons from one compound and transfers them to another. NADH, the reduced form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD, is not the electron shutt... Read More »

How many electron shells does nitrogen have?

Nitrogen contains two electrons shells, since it has seven electrons. The first shell ("1s") holds two electrons maximum, and the second shell ("2p") contains the other five electrons, since its li... Read More »