What does kaiser mean in Latin?

Answer The word "kaiser" means "emperor" or "king" in Latin. The word is derived from the name of the Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar and was used as a title for the Holy Roman emperors that ruled from ... Read More »

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What does"fetus"mean in Latin?

The word "fetus" means "offspring" in Latin. Today, the word is used in English to describe an unborn vertebrate. The translation is controversial because many organizations translate the Latin wor... Read More »

What does Emily mean in Latin?

The name Emily is of Latin origin. It means "industrious" or "striving," according to It is derived from the feminine form of Aemilius, a Roman surname. Famous Emilys include writer Em... Read More »

What does photography mean in latin?

Photo means light and ography (pronounced graphe in latin) is drawing or lines. Therefore drawing with light.

What does the latin word sic mean?

The Latin word sic means "thus", "so", or "in such a manne." The word is used when an incorrect item is written as it appeared in its original form, either as a printed or spoken citation. Sic is u... Read More »