What does eide hard drive mean?

Answer Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) is a standard made for drives to reduce the clutter inside computers necessary to operate them. EIDE stands for Enhanced IDE, which improved the performance of th... Read More »

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Can I replace an SATA hard drive with an EIDE hard drive?

You cannot use an SATA hard drive in place of an EIDE---or ATA---hard drive because they use different connectors, according to Kioskea. The best you can do is to buy an IDE conversion kit and hook... Read More »

Will an EIDE hard drive work in an ATA-100?

An EIDE hard drive and an ATA-100 are synonyms. They are the same thing with different names. EIDE is also a synonym to IDE and PATA. It is a hard drive that is given different names from different... Read More »

Definition of an EIDE Hard Drive?

Created by Western Digital in the mid 1980's, the original IDE drive was designed to combine a device controller with a hard drive. In 1994 this design was improved upon, giving this new version th... Read More »

Can an EIDE hard drive plug into a SATA?

You can connect an EIDE hard drive to a SATA port provided that you have an IDE-to-SATA converter. EIDE is a type of IDE hard drive and uses the same connector as other IDE drives.References:"PATA... Read More »