What does effaced mean with regards to antenatal care?

Answer The cervix dialates during the course of labor. This is measured in centimeters across (from 1 centimeter to 10 which is completely dialated.) In addition to opening up (dilatation), the cervix als... Read More »

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What does holocene mean in regards to volcanoes?

The term “Holocene” refers to the last 10,000 years of geological time. When scientists use the word Holocene when speaking about volcanoes, it means that a volcano erupted during the last 10,0... Read More »

What Does the Phrase"Best Regards"Mean?

The phrase "best regards" means "best wishes" and is generally used as a closing in business letters, according to It can replace other closings such as "Sincerely" or "Respectful... Read More »

In regards to internet, what does Kbps and Mbps mean?

Kilobits per second and Megabits per second. If calculating download speed, remember there are 8 bit in 1 byte of file size.

What does"90 days"mean in regards to tenant rights?

When a landlord serves you a notice to vacate your rented premises in 90 days, he is justified in doing so for three scenarios: the owner has plans to afterward personally occupy the space; you hav... Read More »