What does education highway mean?

Answer "Education highway" is a colloquial phrase that is similar in meaning to the often overused "information superhighway." Both refer a network--either real or symbolic--of connections that open commu... Read More »

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What does hov mean on the highway?

HOV stands for "High-Occupancy Vehicle." This term is most commonly used when referring to HOV lanes on roads. These special lanes are reserved for vehicles with multiple passengers, most commonly ... Read More »

What does silver alert mean on highway signs?

The Silver Alert is a program by which law enforcement officials can issue public alerts when an adult with Alzheimer's disease or other cognitive disorders goes missing. The alert appears on elect... Read More »

What does education mean?

Education is a process of learning that results in the acquisition of knowledge or abilities. It can take place in a formal setting, such as a school, or in an informal setting, through life experi... Read More »

What Does Diversity Mean in Education?

Diversity refers to the range of identities that exist in a group of people. Common identity categories referenced when discussing diversity include race, class, gender, religion and sexual orienta... Read More »