Whenever i eat my food tends to come back up even after 4 to 5 hrs of eating what does that mean?

Answer It means you need to ask this in the health section NOT cooking section.FYI it sounds like acid reflux.…

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Does eating meat mean you have no morals?

She's entitled to her opinion and if she finds your dead pig sandwich offensive, she has a right to make that known to you.I expect she didn't want little bits of dead pig spluttered all over her n... Read More »

Does swine flu mean we should stop eating pork?

You can eat pork. That's not how it's transferred. In fact, regular swine flu isn't usually transferable to humans. Here's what they think happened:So bird flu is stored in its intestines. So they ... Read More »

If you have a pica condition and eating powder does it mean you can put on weight?

Allah give us a beautiful why we r spoiling it left this things and thak,s to Allah for good and healthy life

I spit blood when brushing my teeth, does this mean I'm going to become a flesh eating zombie?

That...Or Gingivitis, I have the same thing. Or maybe...Just to be safe, lock yourself in a room for a few weeks, alone.