What does due on receipt mean?

Answer Due on receipt means that the bill is due when the customer receives it. An example is that when a university sends out a bill that is due on receipt, it means the student is expected to make a pay... Read More »

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What is a vat receipt?

A VAT receipt shows the Value Added Tax (VAT) on a product purchased in many countries, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia. Tourists who visit the country for a short period of time ... Read More »

How to Write a Receipt?

In many cases a receipt is the only proof you have of a sale or transaction. When running a business, or when making any type of sale, it is wise to have a receipt available for your records as wel... Read More »

Why does Footlocker ask for your ID when you have your receipt?

They keep records of returns. If the same name turns up too many times, a red flag goes up. They are concerned that someone might be trying to scam the system.

Do i need a receipt for a wii warranty?

A receipt is not necessary when sending a Wii console to Nintendo for repair. The serial number that is printed on the console lets the company know when it was produced and if it is still under wa... Read More »