What does dual- or double-layer DVD mean?

Answer Dual-layer DVDs are able to hold more data than single-layer DVDs because they utilize twice as much surface space. Standard DVD have one layer of information, while dual-layer DVDs have two, stack... Read More »

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What is a double sided dual layer DVD player?

A double-sided, dual-layer DVD player is compatible with the DVD-18 format of double-sided, dual-layer discs. These DVDs can store up to 9GB of data on each side, for a total storage capacity of 18... Read More »

What does dual-layer DVD/RW burner mean?

When shopping for optical drives, you will encounter many acronyms and other jargon. There are quite a few ways you can refer to a DVD burner, and several things to consider before you purchase one... Read More »

What does double layer DVD mean?

Double-layer DVDs hold more information than single layer DVDs because it is encoded on two separate layers instead of just one. They're more expensive than single-layer DVDs, but their additional ... Read More »

How much data can a double-sided dual-layer blue ray disc hold?