What does dredge with flour mean?

Answer Dredge with flour means to cover or coat the food in flour. Recipes may require dredging or coating with flour before baking or frying certain foods, such as meat, fish and vegetables.Source:Recipe... Read More »

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What does sift flour mean?

Sifting flour refers to an important step in many baking recipes. Flour gets compacted in the process of packaging, shipping and sitting on store shelves. You can aerate and remove lumps from your ... Read More »

Can you substitute all-purpose flour with pastry flour?

On One Hand: For Quickbreads and CakesPastry flour is a perfect substitute for all-purpose flour if you are baking softer, less glutenous things like cupcakes, cakes, pastries, brownies or cookies.... Read More »

Homemade Gold Dredge With a Power Jet?

Economic hard times and increase in gold value since 2005 both contribute to the rise in the number of gold-seekers again invading creeks and rivers looking for riches. Like miners of yester-year, ... Read More »

Does rice flour act the same as AP flour when thickening?

According to Colorado State University Extension, either rice starch or waxy rice flour can be used instead of all-purpose wheat flour for thickening. Use one tablespoon of rice flour for every tab... Read More »