What does downloading safari safe browsing data mean when plugging into iTunes?

Answer It's a security feature on your iPod.If you want it to go away, go toSettings > Safari > Fraud Warning and turn it off. Then go to Advanced > Website Data and click edit.Scroll to the bottom and cl... Read More »

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Second Hand iPod plugging into my iTunes?

You wont lose any of the songs in your itunes library. You can use a program like ipodpctransfer to transfer the music from the ipod to your computer. Then you can add it to your itunes library and... Read More »

What does it mean when a computer shuts down when plugging in the hard drive?

Under normal operation, a computer should not shut down when you plug in an external device. Conversely, a computer should never be powered on when you're attaching internal devices. A system crash... Read More »

Can you remotely erase all the data off an Iphone 4 which is clearing it without plugging it into the computer?

What does queued mean when downloading music?

The general definition of a queue is "a line of things or people waiting." In downloading music, the word refers to a list of files waiting to be downloaded. Each music file will begin downloading ... Read More »