What does downloading a PDF mean?

Answer A PDF is a portable document format that makes it easy to share documents from any application on any operating system. Downloading a PDF means you are transferring a copy of a PDF from a website o... Read More »

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How do I download songs to my Ipod without downloading itunes to my computer and without downloading songs fro?

Help with downloading LoL?

did you try to re-download the LoL client? if not, delete everything from the League of Legends directory (where its located) then restart the download client. or download it from a different serve... Read More »

What Does Downloading Actually Mean?

To download from the Internet, in the strict sense, means you are receiving data from another computer with which you have established a connection. Data from a computer that is widely accessible i... Read More »

How to Enable MP3 Downloading?

This method will work for MP3s that are already online. (Note: This method can also be used for WMA, or any file extension, just look for the exclamation points and change MP3 to WMA or whatever ex... Read More »