What does downloading a PDF mean?

Answer A PDF is a portable document format that makes it easy to share documents from any application on any operating system. Downloading a PDF means you are transferring a copy of a PDF from a website o... Read More »

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What Does Downloading Actually Mean?

To download from the Internet, in the strict sense, means you are receiving data from another computer with which you have established a connection. Data from a computer that is widely accessible i... Read More »

What does "downloading a twitter archive" mean?

It's a file containing all of your tweets

Downloading Torrents, what does 'crack' mean?

This info that i give to you is for information purposes only and is not intended to incourage this behaviour.The term "crack" is basically saying that you can get programs for free, by "cracking" ... Read More »

What does copyright law mean when downloading graphics?

Graphics, much like writing, music and photography, are subject to copyright law. Regardless if a graphic artist registered his work or not, it is protected by copyright law and can only be used wi... Read More »