What does double layer DVD mean?

Answer Double-layer DVDs hold more information than single layer DVDs because it is encoded on two separate layers instead of just one. They're more expensive than single-layer DVDs, but their additional ... Read More »

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What is the difference between 8x dvd-super multi double-layer drive and 4x blu-ray disc dvd-super multi double-layer drive?

Is DVD R double layer?

The DVD -/+ R format comes in single and doubled-sided versions, according to Video Help. To find double layer DVD-R, look for a label signifying it has dual layers, or specifically search for the ... Read More »

What is a double-layer dvd writer?

One popular feature with computers today is a drive that burns files to a DVD, whether they be pure data files or video and audio as well. To be able to put the greatest amount of data on a single ... Read More »

What is a double layer dvd burner?

Double-layer DVDs are a technology that increased the maximum amount of information that can be stored on a digital video disc.DVD BurnerA DVD Burner is a DVD drive that is used to write content, b... Read More »