What does"donde estas"mean?

Answer "¿Donde estás?" is a Spanish phrase that, in English, means "where are you?" The word "donde" translates to "where," and the word "estás" is a conjugation of the verb "estar," which means "to be... Read More »

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What does"donde esta"mean in english?

In Spanish, "donde" means "where" and "esta" is a form of the verb "to be." So "donde esta" translates to "where is." "Donde estas?" translates to "where are you?" and "donde vives?" asks "Where do... Read More »

Can you take the GED in Spanish?

Yes, the General Educational Development (GED) test can be taken in Spanish. While there is a Spanish-language version of the GED, it might not necessarily be available in your area. You'll need to... Read More »

How to Get an A in Spanish?

Yes, Spanish can be the most boring thing next to math and science. BUT did you know that there are ways to get into Spanish by connecting it to your main interests and your life outside of school?

How to Say Mom in Spanish?

"Mom" in Spanish is formally "madre", but there are other words (more casually) which also mean mother, such as "mama" .