What does document size a4 mean?

Answer A document size A4 is an international standard size for letters used in Europe and many other countries outside of the United States. An A4 document or letter measures 8.25 by 11.75 inches. This ... Read More »

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How do I scale down a document size?

That's because the docs are actually photographs of text, your scanner is a form of camera so naturally the scanner scans the whole page not just the text itself. What you need to do now if you jus... Read More »

How can we reduce the size of a scanned document?

if it was saved as bitmap/paint just use stretch/skew in imagehorizontal and vertical will be @ 100% this is the actual size if you want the picture to be half the size put both at 50% hit OKif you... Read More »

How to Change the Document Page Size in Word for Mac?

The Mac version of Microsoft Word allows you to specify the document page size to accommodate your needs. This allows you to compose a document for printing onto a standard sheet of paper, legal pa... Read More »

How do you increase the font size on a scanned document?

What you see on the computer screen is not related to the size of the printout. When you are ready to print the scanned document, go to Print Preview to change the scale (size) of the font. On some... Read More »