What does document size a4 mean?

Answer A document size A4 is an international standard size for letters used in Europe and many other countries outside of the United States. An A4 document or letter measures 8.25 by 11.75 inches. This ... Read More »

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What does bid size&ask size mean in the stock market?

A bid size is the amount of shares a buyer wants to purchase for a set price. The ask size is the amount of shares available. A bid size of 20,000 may only have an ask size of 10,000, which makes t... Read More »

What does"ss"mean on a legal document?

The abbreviation "ss" that is seen on legal documents stands for the Latin word "scilicet," which means "namely" or "in particular." It is part of the venue section of a notarial certificate, and i... Read More »

What does a notarized document mean?

The term notarized document refers to an important paper with its authenticity and signatures verified by a notary public. Individuals may require notarized documents for any number of financial or... Read More »

What does timed out mean in a Word document?

The phrase "timed out" means that the computer operation or session you are running stopped before it was implemented. There is not one single cause for this error in a Word document, but closing t... Read More »