Is DJANGO unchained good?

Answer One of the best movies I've seen in a LONG time. Anything by Quentin Tarentino is usually good.Edit: @Jay Benz I'm not white and I thought it was a great movie because it showed the horrors of slav... Read More »

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Django unchained song?

Its called "By and By". I looked it up on youtube, its actually a gospel song which was made in 1868 during the civil war which the veterans used to sing. So when Stephen was singing it was inaccur... Read More »

Why is everyone against Django Unchained?

Hey NiN!I think both sides make valid arguments, personally I'm with Quentin when he says there's a level of responsibility he has as a writer when his characters use the word it's because he's aim... Read More »

What's your favorite scene in Django?

Oh my god I love that part too! I thought the part where Leonardo DiCaprio slammed down his hand at the dinner table and it started bleeding really bad was pretty cool. Apparently, that wasn't supp... Read More »

Django Unchained, Dr. King Schultz, German language?

You can cross reference it if you google translation and type in the English then convert to German and see if it sounds the same.