What is divine justice?

Answer Divine justice is an essential element in monotheistic faiths. Confronted with evil and needless suffering, religion provides approaches to understanding how God could tolerate such things in the ... Read More »

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Does Blue Cross cover intervention?

Intervention is not covered by major medical providers, including Blue Cross. In order for a procedure to be covered, it must be proven to be effective. The statistics on intervention do not curren... Read More »

Does reading intervention increase scores on the taks elementary test?

Reading intervention can improve children's scores on the TAKS test. This was demonstrated by a four-year longitudinal study in which students who participated in reading intervention programs sign... Read More »

How to Pray the Divine Office?

The Divine Office, or the Liturgy of Hours, is a series of readings, prayers and songs that are designed to turn the devoted Catholic's heart toward God throughout the day. This is a way in which m... Read More »

How to Trust in Divine Order?

When life presents challenges, you may find it difficult to trust in a divine order of events. Oftentimes, people wonder why certain situations occur, or they become attached to expected outcomes. ... Read More »