Discrimination & HIV?

Answer According to the U.K.'s HIV awareness campaign AVERT discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS takes many forms including prejudice, abuse, threats of physical violence, negative attitudes and ma... Read More »

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What is job discrimination?

Job discrimination occurs when an employee receives unfair or unfavorable treatment in the workplace as a direct result of her race, disability status, gender or religious beliefs. Federal law proh... Read More »

Federal Law and Discrimination?

Discrimination against minorities has been a major problem for some time, both on the job and within the public sphere. However, federal laws forbid such behavior, so victims of discrimination do h... Read More »

How to React to Job Discrimination?

While workplace discrimination sometimes comes in the usual racial- or gender-based packages, it's not the only way a boss can show favoritism. If an employer promotes an off-the-job friend over yo... Read More »

Is age discrimination legal?

According to the United States Department of Labor, discriminating against an individual based on age is a violation of the person's civil rights and is illegal. The Civil Rights Center (CRC) admin... Read More »