What does directx audio mean?

Answer What version of DirectX are you running?Go to Start and in the "Search Programs and Files" box type in dxdiag . Your installed version will appear at the bottom under "DirectX version". If it is no... Read More »

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What does "rip audio cd" mean?

"Rip" in this context means reading the songs from the CD, and converting them to MP3 format on the computer. The original CD is unchanged.

What does DVI mean on television audio?

In television audio, DVI is an acronym short for Digital Visual Interface. DVI is the standard device used to transfer digital data to a digital display. Before the DVI was invented by the DDWG, or... Read More »

What does unabridged mean in audio books?

An unabridged audio book is recorded and read word for word in its entirety. An abridged audio book is shortened, normally done so by an editor, to save on time for the listener (reader).References... Read More »

What does 5.1 Digital 5.1 audio playback mean?

The unit or source can play in surround sound with 5 distinct speaker channels and a subwoofer.